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Sektor Gaza

Sektor Gaza

Sektor Gaza (Russian Сектор Газа, or "gas sector" was the name of a well-known punk band from Voronesh, Russia, founded in 1987. Apart from the band leader, Yuri Nikolaevich Klinskikh (nicknamed Hoy) all other band members were replaced over time. The band's style of music can be described as melodic and experimental; the content varied from political songs to mystical songs about zombies and vampires, as well as interpretations of Russian folk songs and rock ballads.

The band's name is apparently an homage to their home town, Voronesh, to which people also refer to as “gas chamber”. In one of their earliest songs, the band claims that the town is so polluted that nobody ever reaches the age of 40. Indeed, in 2000, the band leader Yuri Hoj already died at the young age of 36.


  • 1989 – 1st album – Сектор Газа (Gas Sector)
  • 1989 – 2nd album – Колхозный панк (Kolhoz Punk)
  • 1990 – 3rd album – Ядрена Вошь (Horny Louse)
  • 1990 – 4th album – Зловещие мертвецы (Scary Corpses)
  • 1991 – 5th album – Ночь перед рождеством (The Night before Christmas)
  • 1992 – 6th album – Гуляй мужик (Walk around, man)
  • 1993 – 7th album – Нажми на газ (Hit the Gas)
  • 1994 – 8th album – Танцы после порева (Dances after the Slaughter)
  • 1994 – 9th album – Кащей бессмертный (Kaschej the Immortal) – punk-opera, consisting mainly of cover versions from other bands
  • 1996 – 10th album – Газовая атака (Gas Attack) – the only album without curse words
  • 1997 – 11th album – Наркологический университет миллионов (Narcological University for Millions)
  • 2000 – 12th album – Восставший из ада (Resurrected from Hell) – this album was released several weeks after Yuri Hoj's death

Other recordings:

  • Album without a name – unofficial concert recording (bootleg)
  • Избранное I (Best of I)
  • Избранное II (Best of II)
  • Коллекциа – All albums 1-11, each featuring a Techno-style bonus track, remixed by A. Brjanzew (DJ Krot)
  • Стёб-хаус remix '99 – an unofficial collection of the Techno-style remixes mentioned before, distributed on a single CD
  • Extasy – more Techno-style remixes by DJ Krot
  • Баллады – contains calm rock ballads, most of them from album #10

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Tell me about:

Who was
Yuri "Hoy" Klinskih?
by: Marlowe T. Peck

Yuri "Hoy" Klinskih was born on the 27th of July, 1964, in Russia. He was generally among the poorer students in most of his classes, lacking in both discipline and ambition. His report cards were plagued with "satisfactories" (the lowest passing mark in Russia). However, he often did well in the male equivalent of Home Economics, which taught boys to repair household items.

Hoy was fond of rock and roll, having older brothers who listened to the genre, and wrote many songs during his military service and employment in a plant. On the 5th of December, 1987, a group by the name of Sektor Gaza (Gas Sector) formed in the city of Voronezh. Sektor Gaza was named after an ecologically devastated industrial zone of Voronezh the natives referred to as "the gas sector."

Sektor Gaza became among the first bands to swear onstage, something that attracted much attention. All layers of the Russian social stratosphere could be found at Sektor Gaza concerts. "Authorities say we're indecent, we're forbidden by censorship, but, as far as I know, all these officials listen to our music on the sly, it's like watching porno." - Hoy.

Because of the shocking content, Sektor Gaza songs could not be played on the radio and Hoy was rarely seen on the television. Despite censorship, Sektor Gaza quickly became among the most popular bands in Russia. In 1997, Hoy began to experiment with drugs. "I was lucky not to get used to them." - Hoy. Understanding gained from his experience lead to the release of the album "Narcotic Testing University of Millions."

On the 4th of July, 2000, Yuri "Hoy" Klinslih began to feel a strong pain in his stomach and the left side of his chest. He chose not to cancel a meeting later that day to film a music video for the song "Noch Straha" hoping that the pain would simply fade away. Soon afterwards, his heart stopped. At the age of 36, he died of either diabetes of alcohol overdose.

The band continues under the new name of “Eks-Sektor Gaza.”

Sektor Gaza Albums:
-Sektor Gaza
-Kolhozniy Punk
-Zloveshie Mertvitzi
-Yadrena Vosh
-Noch Pered Rozdestvom
-Gulay Muzik
-Albom Bez Nozvaniya
-Nazmi Na Gas
-Tanzi Posle Poreva
-Kashei Besmertniy
-Gazavoya Attacka
-Izbrannoye II
-Narkologicheskiy Mniversetet Millionov
-Vostavshie Is Ada